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The Banderman Odyssey - Cover Art

The Banderman Odyssey:

A sudden lack of fossil fuels creates a disintegrating economy. Most of the world's population is unprepared for survival without goods provided through large scale transportation. In cities, people's basic needs cannot be met. The wise flock to the countrysides where life is at least a possibility.

Jason Banderman, born into this new world, survives a tragedy that steals his mother from him. He journeys in search of his missing father, traveling hundreds of kilometres, following a trail that is years cold, in a world that is slowly returning to its once wild splendour. Even though there are new dangers to avoid and lessons to be learned, Jason's biggest obstacle is one man's greed. He must overcomes all to find his father and fulfill his hope of rediscovering the one thing that he cherishes above anything else... family.
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